Tip Tuesday: Quilting Gloves

Have you ever used quilting gloves? I had never even heard of such a thing until my wonderful mother in law bought me a pair and I swear I am never going to take the things off. I’m wearing them as we speak! (just kidding, but I was wearing them this morning.) Most people swear by quilting gloves for free motion quilting as they do a variety of things to make your quilting easier. They reduce fatigue in your hands by making it easier for the quilt to move under your fingers so you dont have to tug and pull on your quilt while moving it around. Most quilting gloves have little grippers (much like garden gloves) that allow the gloves to create a bit of friction making it easier to move the quilt around with precision. Gloves keep your fabric clean. I know, well hope you all arent eating a bar of chocolate then sitting down for a little quilting but the oils in your hands can quickly transfer onto your fabric when working on small and intricate stitches.

Fun little grippers!

Fun little grippers!

IMG_20150930_120946 (1)

I dont just use my gloves for free motion quilting. I find that most sewing tasks that require a walking foot like straight quilting, stitch in the ditch and working with tricky fabrics such as minky, benefit when I use my gloves.

Happy Sewing!

Tip Tuesday #1: 

Ok, some of you can totally call me a newbie for this one, but if I just learned this I’m thinking there are a few of you out there that might also find it useful! 

Do you ever get mid-seam and find out that you’ve run out of bobbin thread…. Again?! This mostly annoys me because I’m constantly having to rethread my machine throughout a project. Well, not anymore! 

Tip Tuesday #1: Wind a handful of bobbins at a time! You’ll save so much time, and a little frustration too.   

You’re welcome. 😊