Four generations of women connected through one quilt.

I never had the privilege of meeting Phyllis, as she passed away before I met Joel. Everything I’ve heard about his grandma though has assured me we would have been great friends. She was a loving mother and grandmother who loved to host family gatherings, opened her door to everyone, showed her love through her cooking, was the crafter of all crafters, and an exceptional seamstress! As I purusued through all the fabrics and unfinished projects found in some old bins that were given to me by Joel’s aunt Trece, I began to build a more detailed picture of who she was. I was invisioning a quilt with all her scraps, dreaming up a pattern with each new piece I pulled out. I was ready to start sketching a pattern when I opened the last bin and found a stunning half finished quilt! I was speechless and brought to tears as I ran my hands over the hand-pieced and hand-quilted squares. I have never seen a quilt as beautiful, and could tell it was an unfinished labor of love. Immediately I knew I needed to finish this quilt and give it to a very special woman in my life, my mother-in-law, Susan.

A finished quilt, four generations later.

It took me six months to finish the quilt, just in time for Christmas. I ended up re-basting it, adding an additional layer on the back, and machine quilting in the seems to reinforce the quilt, without sacrificing the integrity, look and style of the quilt. I found the vintage inspired backing fabric and binding at Pacific Fabrics, and it coordinated perfectly!


The best part about this quilt’s story, is that as soon as Susan opened the quilt on Christmas, she immediately recognized it! I soon learned she had once been apart of the making of this quilt, as well as her mom Phyllis, and her grandmother. And now four generations later, it is complete, and no longer headed for the Goodwill bin!



hand-pieced and hand-quilting details


Carly and Susan

Thank you, Trece, for sharing these bins of fabric and treasures with me. It has been an honor to finish a few of your mom’s precious projects for her. And thank you to everyone in the Pryde family for always sharing the stories and traditions that began with Phyllis. I feel like I know her and am so proud to be apart of her family with each of you.



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