Tip Tuesday: Quilting Gloves

Have you ever used quilting gloves? I had never even heard of such a thing until my wonderful mother in law bought me a pair and I swear I am never going to take the things off. I’m wearing them as we speak! (just kidding, but I was wearing them this morning.) Most people swear by quilting gloves for free motion quilting as they do a variety of things to make your quilting easier. They reduce fatigue in your hands by making it easier for the quilt to move under your fingers so you dont have to tug and pull on your quilt while moving it around. Most quilting gloves have little grippers (much like garden gloves) that allow the gloves to create a bit of friction making it easier to move the quilt around with precision. Gloves keep your fabric clean. I know, well hope you all arent eating a bar of chocolate then sitting down for a little quilting but the oils in your hands can quickly transfer onto your fabric when working on small and intricate stitches.

Fun little grippers!

Fun little grippers!

IMG_20150930_120946 (1)

I dont just use my gloves for free motion quilting. I find that most sewing tasks that require a walking foot like straight quilting, stitch in the ditch and working with tricky fabrics such as minky, benefit when I use my gloves.

Happy Sewing!

Teal for Two Blog Hop – Our finished projects!

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Hello dear readers and welcome to our first ever blog hop! We are very excited to be participating in this hop with such a wonderful group of people. Our minis are done and our swaps received and we could not be happier with the results. Not only were we able to make and receive some incredible projects, but we also helped raise $2000 for the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund. This has been a fundraiser near and dear to our hearts as this disease has taken the lives of members from both of our families. Ovarian cancer is often found too late, causing a shocking number of deaths each year. Please visit the site linked above so you can learn about the early signs of ovarian cancer.

As you hop across each blog this week, you’ll notice a common theme: teal. Teal is the color that represents ovarian cancer so we all incorporated the same teal fabric into our project. For some it was the centerpiece, and others it was included on the back (like ours), but every swap project contained it somehow.

As it turns out we both chose the same pattern for our mini quilt, so it was fun seeing how one pattern could be so different in the hands of different quilters. As mentioned before, Heidi’s swap partner turned out to be her Aunt Joanne (from the wonderful blog, Everyone Deserves a Quilt) who lives in Ohio. She was so surprised and then totally terrified as Joanne is such a talented quilter. It turns out that Aunt Joanne was just as nervous! What a compliment for them both!

Joanne’s mini quilt is perfectly Heidi, in color, design, and quality. Thank you Joanne!

Joanne's Mini Quilt for Heidi

Joanne’s Mini Quilt for Heidi

Here is Heidi’s mini quilt that she sent to Aunt Joanne:

Share from Pixlr# 2Carly was partnered with Karen from Massachusetts. They were matched by their preference for bright colors and modern design, but aside from that they knew nothing about each other. At first we thought it wouldn’t be that stressful making something for a complete stranger, but when Karen’s mug rug showed up in the mail the pressure was on. Look at the detail and love she put into this mug rug… absolutely stunning, and in Carly’s favorite colors too. All that time and detail, and for a complete stranger, in honor of ovarian cancer awareness. This mug rug will truly be treasured.


Karen’s Mug Rug she made for Carly

Here is Carly’s mini quilt that she sent to Karen:

Carly's Mini Quilt

Carly’s Mini Quilt


Back of Carly’s Mini Quilt


I only used a little of the teal fabric provided for the tag.

If you havent done a quilt swap before, we highly recommend it. We both had so much fun with this project and come on,  who doesn’t love getting handmade goodies in the mail! If you are interested in joining in the Two for Teal Swap with us next year,  join the Two for Teal Swap Facebook page and you’ll get the first word about signing up next summer! A gigantic thank you to Beth at Eva Paige Quilts for coordinating this entire swap.

Please explore the other great blogs featured in the Teal for Two blog hop. All of the participants made such lovely pieces for the event. We hope you enjoy viewing them as much as we enjoyed making them.

Here are the participants for the 2015 Two for Teal Blog Hop!
October 12 – Twelo Quilting and One Quilting Circle
October 13 – Susan Brehm and Books Hooks Sticks Etc
October 14 – Teachpany and Bobbin’s Lullaby
October 15 – Splitting Stitches and Purple Leaf Quilts
October 16 – Blue Ribbon Sewing and Quilt Art by Megan


Happy sewing!

Carly and Heidi