Half Square Triangles Made Easy

Custom HST Quilt with Satsuki Fabric

Custom HST Quilt with Satsuki Fabric

One of the most challenging and rewarding things we’ve faced so far is taking on custom order requests. We’ve completed two custom quilts so far for people we have never met… and it has been so rewarding! The hardest part for me is picking out fabric for other people, and not myself. It’s really difficult for me to understand why everyone else in the world doesn’t want everything in aqua and lime green! 😁 ( I’m kidding… Sort of!) But this has actually been the part that has been the most rewarding. We have created two quilts that we would have never made without these requests, with fabrics we would not have run to first, and are now in LOVE with them. Taking on these orders has brought me out of my comfort zone and proven to me that pretty things can come in other colors!

I am most excited to share with you a new trick we learned for assembling half-square-triangle (HST) blocks. If you have ever worked with them before you know the task can be daunting…. Until now! Let me show you:

First, we wanted a 5″ finished square so we cut two 7.5″ blocks from the two fabrics needed for the HST block. Cut your squares to the size you need. Here is s handy chart to help with the math.

Then sew them right sides together, with a 1/4″ seam allowance around all four sides.

  Cut the sewn squares in half diagonally each direction, and viola!
  Simply press out and you already have four HST blocks done!

 This is seriously the quickest method. We made 120 HSTs in no time at all!

The finished product for this quilt is headed to its new home today. I hope they love it as much as we loved creating it for them.

HST quilt close up

Half Square Triangle Quilt TutorialHappy sewing!



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