Don’t Quit Your Day Dream

This is it. We are actually doing this. Our first blog post! Heidi and I officially opened Bobbin’s Lullaby four months ago, although we’ve been dreaming of doing it for years. We’ve always drooled over our favorite sewing blogs, DIY sewing books from the library, and of course, our never ending Pinterest boards. And always with the thought “we could totally make that”! With small children at home it seemed nearly impossible to really make a go of it, until January 2015. You know that feeling of a fresh start as the new year rolls over at midnight. Where the possibilities are endless, and changes are sure to make their way into your house. Well we took that feeling and ran with it…. and we aren’t looking back!

Co-Owners of Bobbin’s Lullaby

We met in college 10 years ago (yikes, has it been that long?!) where we were both art majors, and bonded over a love for the creative process, color composition, and espeically photography. We are both active in every aspect of our business, from creating new inventory, marketing, and even the nitty gritty accounting. We love it all and look forward to sharing more of our processes with you, and hearing about yours as well!

Thanks for joining us!


Carly and Heidi


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